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Many different types of image can be used to create a wall cutout, in sizes up to six feet tall (or wide). They can be made from photographs or illustrations; just make sure you choose a subject that doesn't 'fall' off the edge of the image, as this will look odd in the final cutout.

Wall cutouts are sent to you ready to be applied directly to your wall on an adhesive backed fabric which can be moved and replaced without damaging the wall below (as long as the paint wasn't flaking to start with).

Dog image

This adorable dog is ready to watch over his owner.

Because cutting out fine hairs would create narrow and easy to damage strips of the adhesive fabric used for the print, a smooth color edge to use as the cutaround was created. You can choose a border color to suit your own subject or the colors in the room where it will be displayed.

If you have a smooth finish on your bedroom ceiling, you can have moons or planets printed to display there.

Eagle/moon image
Football image

A photo of your son or daughter "in action" makes a great wall decoration.

Animal lovers can have a giant cutout of their favorite animal printed to enjoy every day.

Note the white border around the horse, as trimming out the fine hairs would damage the integrity of the final print. We can try to match a wall color for you, but it is almost impossible to reproduce a specific color exactly. Even paint manufacturers find that hard to do with their own shades of paint!

Horse image
Sports car image

Car or sports fans may enjoy having their favorite image racing towards them from a wall.

A striking image, like this tribal lion image, makes a stunning art piece displayed large on a wall.

Please note that careful placement of the individual pieces would be required on your part, as they are not joined together. However, it's easy to move the fabric to a new position, so you have plenty of chances to get it just right.

Lion head image

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