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A carefully chosen artwork on your wall can bring a smile to your face every day, especially if you have had a hand in choosing and creating it. If you ever took a fabulous picture while on holiday and would like to enjoy it every day, you could make a feature of it. Or perhaps there's somewhere you've always wanted to visit, or a type of scene which makes you happy. With your help, we can make you a piece of art to be proud of.

Buddha image

A serene painting can create a calm working environment or relaxing home décor

An image of a place you've visited, from your own holiday pictures or from my stock images, can be given an artistic treatment to make it suit your tastes, such as adding this colorful rainbow to a waterfall scene.

Rainbow image
Pop art image

A colorful pop-art treatment can make an ordinary image, such as an almost monotone photograph of an Egyptian statue, into a striking and unique artwork.

This fractal image, which resembles a dragonfly or butterfly, could add a dash of daring abstract color to your style. You can choose your own color range to suit your individual taste.

Fractal dragonfly image
Flower image

Repeating an image in a variety of colors can be a fun way to add color to a wall.

Multipanel image

For the most dramatic effect, choose a scene and have it printed across a few different canvases. You can choose the shapes, sizes and orientation yourself.

And of course feel free to contact us!