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You can choose to have a portrait (be it of people or pets) created in a traditional oil painting style, as a simple pen and ink sketch, as a soft watercolor, in a vividly colored pop art style, or as a sophisticated black and white image. These and many other finishes are available to choose from in transforming a simple snapshot into a work of art.

When you send us a picture, we can recommend the style(s) of finish that would best suit it.

If you would like a graduation or wedding picture airbrushed to glamorize it a little, or have a distracting background muted or changed entirely, have a look through our Retouching pages to see what we can do.

This process is much kinder on your pocket than commissioning a hand-painted work of art. You also have more say about the finished product, as we will send you proofs along the way to ensure that you're delighted with the final results.

This small photo of a dog was separated from its background and transformed into the look of a watercolor painting. With this technique, a small image could be reproduced at a larger size and look as if it was hand painted.

Watercolor image
Watercolor painting
Oil painting image
Oil painting

This photo of a cat was turned into portrait in the style of an oil painting. Removing the background adds focus to the picture and removes distracting elements from the original image.

This photo of a leopard cub was redrawn as a pen-and-ink-style portrait (in black and white, but any color can be chosen to suit your image and the place it will be displayed). The eyes were then colored to make the image more eye-catching.

Pen and ink image
Pen and ink
Cartoon image

The cartoon style of this portrait can be used to define features and introduce a limited color range, dramatizing the finished portrait.

This photo was retouched and glamorized before being given a painted finish that could be printed onto a large canvas for framing.

Color portrait image
Color portrait
Black and white portrait image
Black and white portrait

This photo of a man in uniform was converted into black and white, with the exception of the red bands on the hat, to create a striking portrait of a soldier son. A new background was also added, replacing a nondescript wall.

If you have any questions, please contact us!