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Boutonnière close-up
Close-up of the boutonnière from the photo below right, showing how the photo has been transformed into a painting.

Welcome to Photogenic Art!

Here we use digital skills to create art for the 21st Century . . .

Digital art is perfected on the computer, but it's by no means automated. All the art we produce is carefully and personally crafted by a real live person. Please look around the site for examples of our work.

If you want a portrait of your pet to remind you of happy times, a painting of yourself or someone you love, a beautiful picture to brighten up your walls, or a T shirt to show off your adorable grandchild, we would love to help. We can also airbrush photos, merge images together, or take elements out of a photo.

Ordinarily you'll be supplying your own pictures, but if you're within reasonable driving distance of us, you can have your very own professional photo shoot. We can also provide stock images, as standalone images or as backgrounds for retouched images.

We also produce T shirts, posters, and other merchandise for several bands and businesses. You can find them on the top menu under "Promotional Merchandise."

And of course feel free to contact us!

Wedding picture, before and after
A photo that you love can become a work of art to be proudly displayed on your wall. This new image has had the distracting background changed for a more atmospheric one. Although the original photo was only 10" x 6.5", it could now be printed on canvas at up to 60" x 40".