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Mosaic art is made up from hundreds or thousands of small images, and will be most effective in sizes with at least one dimension over 30 inches. A minimum of 50 pictures is required to create an effective mosaic, but you will get better results with more pictures and a larger sized print.

If you supply your own pictures, please make sure that there is enough of a color range in them to effectively make the final image you have chosen. We will sample different portions of each one to create a larger variety of images and colors to create the final artwork. Alternatively, we can use our own stock photos to create your mosaic for you.

Cheetah image
Cheetah mosaic
Detail from cheetah image
Detail from cheetah mosaic

This striking mosaic image of a cheetah was created for a non-profit cheetah breeding project. More information on the organization can be found at (Link will open in new tab or window.) Hundreds of small pictures of cheetahs, other African animals, and African scenery were used to create the final image.

Lighthouse image
Lighthouse mosaic
Detail from lighthouse image
Detail from lighthouse mosaic

A multitude of lighthouse images were used to create the single large image of a lighthouse. This project was featured in Lighthouse Digest! (Link will open in new tab or window.)

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