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If you have a photo or idea for a T shirt that you would like us to produce as a custom order for you, please send us details and we will confirm the cost for you. Approximate prices can be found on our prices page, but be aware that price can vary by order, especially if hand embellishment is involved.

T shirt design 1

We rarely print images as untouched rectangles on a shirt, but will usually remove some of the background and make a more irregular and customized shape. It looks better, trust us.

Any of the images you see in the gallery on this site can be printed on T shirts (as well as paper or canvas). We also have a large library of stock images that we can adapt into T shirt designs for you.

T shirt design 2
T shirt design 3

Rhinestone designs can be printed on light or dark shirts. Individual rhinestone embellishment is available for custom design.

Promotional merchandise including T shirts for some bands and blogsites is also available through this page.

Gaan T shirt

And of course feel free to contact us!