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Buttonhole flower painting

Our goal is to create quality art T shirts that you won't see anywhere else. We offer high quality shirts in a wide assortment of colors that will be hand-finished to make a unique garment for a gift or your own wardrobe. We can create your shirt as a one-off single item, or offer a special rate on several shirts of the same design.

Prints on white or pale pastel T shirts will have a softer and less noticeable 'feel' than prints on darker T shirts. This is because dark shirts need a special white layer underneath the print so that vivid colors can show up. It can be felt as a smooth surface over the fabric of the T shirt. They will need care during laundering to ensure a long life for the print.

It is possible to create T shirts which have a less noticeable feel with colors on dark backgrounds; you probably have some in your closet. The process to create these is, however, far too expensive to be used for single one-off items like those we offer.

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